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Red Emperor (Approx 900g to 1kg)


LYH Red Emperors are wild-caught from Indonesia. Red emperor is the best fish for cooking curry because of its texture - it tends to hold up well even when cooked for longer periods of time and the flesh also absorbs flavours really well! Try cooking your next batch of curry with this fish! 


Please note that weight range indicated is the gross weight of the fish as all fishes will be descaled and gutted for convenience.


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Lee Yit Huat Trading (Seafood) is the biggest seafood vendor located at Tekka Market. You will be sure to spot them with the crowd they attract at their stall. Helmed by the father and son combo, Alex and Kino are identified bytheir meticulous vacuum-packing process to ensure that their fresh seafood arrive at the customers' homes in perfect condition! In fact, their seafood is so fresh that customers often mistake their fishes for being sashimi grade!While LYH seafood is super fresh, please note that it is not recommended for raw consumption. Follow their Facebook @lyhseafood to find out more about them!

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