Chop Eng Huat Poultry

Fresh Kampong Chicken (MEDIUM 1.3-1.4kg)


Chopped chicken are not recommended for de-boning and skin removal. Customers who opted for bone and skin removal service will receive a whole chicken. There may be a marginal difference of ±10% in the product weight.

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As low as $21.00
Residents familiar with 216 Bedok Market would know that Chop Eng Huat Poultry is always flooded with customers in the mornings - sometimes forming 2 lines of queues even! Known for the freshness and affordability of their chicken, Chop Eng Huat is a reliable poultry supplier to the nearby hawker vendors as well. With many product differentiation (even to the extent of kampong chicken with blackened feet), customers are bound to find exactly what they need at Chop Eng Huat.
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