Q: Can I return my item?

Returns are not applicable as our products are all groceries and perishable items. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product received, please email us at contact@tada-fresh.com within the same day of receiving your order as the freshness of produce can be easily compromised depending on storage conditions. TADA Fresh Market is not responsible for the deterioration of fresh produce after the products have been delivered. 

Q: What if I missed my delivery?

A: Please ensure that you or someone at home would be available to receive the delivery as our delivery representative will leave your order at your doorstep if he was unable to reach you.

In cases where we attempt to deliver your order to you but were unable to do so due to lack of correct/appropriate information (eg. incorrect address and/or contact number) or sufficient access to deliver the order successfully, your order will be brought back to our sorting facility and a redelivery fee of $14 applies when your order is re-delivered to you. TADA Fresh Market will not be responsible for any deteroriation in the quality and freshness of the products in such cases. Your order will be disposed after 1 day and it will not be refunded. TADA Fresh Market reserves the right to dispose the order without refund or remedy to you.

Q: Can I change my delivery slot?

A: Please note that rescheduling of deliveries is currently unavailable. We are working on increasing our delivery capacity and we hope that you'll be patient with us.

Q: How long is the refund process?

A: The item(s) that you did not receive or your cancelled order will be refunded to you immediately via your original payment method. Your refund will generally take 5 to 10 business days to reflect in your debit or credit card statement.  

Q: Why did I get a partial refund instead of a full refund for my affected/out-of-stock item?

A: If you have received a partial refund for an affected/out-of-stock item, it is most likely because you have applied a voucher code upon check out. All voucher codes are non-redeemable and non-exchangeable for cash. Discounts from voucher codes are apportioned and applied evenly across all products in your basket during purchase. Hence, when you receive a refund for an item which was purchased using a voucher code, only the final paid price (ie. discounted price) will be refunded. For Shopback customers, you will receive a refund fully in TADA Fresh Market voucher codes (if your total purchase is below the voucher amount) or part-voucher-part-cash refund (if your total purchase exceeded the shopback voucher amount). 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: One or more of the products I ordered did not arrive. What should I do?

A: All products are in-stock at the time of order. However, all produce are still subjected to market availability, seasonality and environmental factors. We will only deliver produce that promises the best quality to you. We strive to inform you beforehand if an item you have ordered becomes unavailable before we deliver your order to you. The item(s) that you did not receive will be refunded to you immediately via your original payment method. However, please note that your refund will generally take 5 to 10 business days to reflect in your debit or credit card statement. 

If you still have an item missing from your order, please email us at contact@tada-fresh.com as soon as possible so that we can verify with the vendor. We will not be able to offer any compensation if customers inform us about the missing item after several days, if we can no longer verify the situation with the vendor. 

Q: What if I received a wrong order?

A: Your order is checked twice before delivery to ensure product accuracy. Your order will be accurate to the product name. Photos used on our website are for illustration purposes only. 

Q: What’s the minimum order for free delivery?

A: The minimum order for free delivery is $50. 

Q: What is the minimum order on TadaFreshMarket?

A: The minimum order is $30, with a flat rate delivery fee of $9 islandwide.

Q: Do you deliver islandwide?

A: Yes, we provide islandwide delivery. 

Q: When do you deliver?

A: We deliver daily with the exception of Mondays as the markets are closed. All deliveries are scheduled between 2pm and 6pm only. Customers who leave a delivery note requesting for other timeslots will still receive their deliveries between 12pm to 6pm. 

Q: How fresh are your groceries?

A: All groceries are prepared and packed by our wet market vendors on the same morning/afternoon of the delivery to ensure maximum freshness. 

Q: How are my food items stored and delivered?

A: When it comes to your food, our top priority is ensuring your health and safety, and we work hard to ensure that you get the freshest food in the safest manner possible. We store and transport products in accordance with market standards and regulations such as AVA requirements to ensure food safety. We carefully control the conditions in which your products are stored and transported, from the moment they are delivered to us to the time you receive them at your doorstep. Fresh items stay chilled and frozen items remain frozen. In order to ensure food safety, we may separate your items into different plastic bags to avoid cross-contamination.

Q: Are the products halal-certified?

Most of our fresh groceries and wholesalers are halal-certified. Please look out for the category “halal-certified meats” to find halal-certified products.