Welcome to TADA Fresh Market!

About TADA

TADA operates Singapore's first zero-commission ride-hailing service. Since launching our service in July 2018, we have over 30,000 drivers registered on our platform in a service that is used by hundreds of thousands of users. We are committed to delivering innovative mobility products and services that can bring positive social, environmental and economic change in the communities we operate in. As such, we are proud to introduce to you TADA Fresh Market. A next-day wet market delivery service that aims to support the local wet market stallholders and sustain the livelihoods of Singapore's taxi and private-hire drivers.

How we do it?

We work directly with wet market stall owners. Everyday, we will consolidate your orders late at night. We send these orders directly to the wet market merchants who will prepare your orders for collection. We will then dispatch our TADA drivers to fulfil these delivery orders. As a zero-commission service, 100% of delivery fees goes to drivers.

Why choose us

Natural food is taken from the world's most modern farms with strict safety cycles
Products are collected fresh from the wet market and are delivered shortly to you
Avoid the hassle of commuting with bulky and heavy wet market purchases with our convenient service
Enjoy our wide-range of fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and even dry produce
Cost Savings
Enjoy wet market prices which will give you greater savings as compared to shopping from a supermarket
Access wet market products without the crowds
Quality Standards
We keeped our products chilled through the delivery process through chiller bags